Friday, 18 January 2013

Trip to Sapi Island Sabah

Today is my first time holiday with my family.Yes this is my first time to this place with them. Going to Island is the best place to go travel, where you can see various of fish inside the water with snorkeling, swimming, see the nice scenery of the Island.

 Going to the Island, First we need to go to the counter to pay for the fee.It cost us RM 25/per person.We need to pay RM 125 for whole family since we're 5 person. In term of that, we have rent 2 goggle and 2 life jacket~ It cost RM 15 (1 goggle & 1 life jacket). After payment has been made, we need to wait for the boat to come to take us to the island.i think i wait almost 3o minute to wait the boat is come.Yes its long, But i set in my mind, it will worth me! i guess!

View From Jesselton Point

 Its true, i'm enjoying it~^^

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