Friday, 20 March 2015

My Second Driving class!

hi Guys!
how was your day today??i hope everything is ok.
Today is my second day of driving class.
Im nervous because i already forget how to change gear, clutch, break & acceleration!
when today i hit bump and pole!
it shocked me of course 7 make more nervous.
In my heart "How can i get license since i already scared to bring a car"
can i make it until the end?? how? how? how?
can anyone give me some advice??
i really cnt do a balancing.. T_T

Monday, 16 March 2015

My Life Unpredictable!


How Are my reader days??i hope everything ok. Here im starting my new blog where it show my about my unpredictable life.After a long time not writing in my blog, actually, this is a new blog that i have created for my new life 2015! How about your new year started???
Here is my wishlist for 2015:

1st : Get a car liscene- start my theory class tommorow on 19.january.2015.
2nd : Treat my hair - Last year i have a terrible hair loss!!! my hair already become so thin :'( ! how i need to cure my HAIR FALL??need do some research about hair fall. But i juat cut my hair last day, because i scared that i will become BOLD.
3rd : Whitening skin - oh!! since im working at my present company, my skin/face become darker, because everyday i working outside with a high tempreture without skin protection (since im lazy to use sunblock because it will make my skin popout some pimple).
4th : Travel - what i wish for this year is travel with my lovely little sister & my parent. My next destination is Seoul. Will be there on April for 5D 4N. Here i come!
5th : Car - Buy a new car. Im targeting for Yellow Hyundai Volestor.But it expensive! It cost me for RM130000 ++ , where can i get the money from??? ( waiting for the money fall from the sky)
6th : Lose Weight - yeaahhh! i need to lose weight! since im overweight!! im short but fat!! i really need to change my food, & need more exercise. If i can? i will start my HIIT program from wayofgray.
7th : Camera - buy a new camera to picture my everyday life.
8th : Money - Save more money for travel, emergency cost, etc..

HAHA! to many wishlist, if i can achieve all in one year? because my life is unpredictable. Im still working at my company after 1 year, eventhough i want to quit! But i really need a backup job before quiting my present job. hmm! to many to think, to many to wish, i wish i wish i wish for a miracle!!!
pray for me for more a better life for this new year!xoxo

Theory class (Car Liscene)


Yesterday night is my 1st day theory class. What i feel?? Excited,Nervous? All in 1. Since i dont have friend here, i feel a bit shy? oh yeah! of course you know what i feel right? (for a first timer) haha

I meet someone outside the school,where i can ask her where should i go? since i don't know where is the class. yeah! thank you for your helped! i already found my class & guess what? the class already full with student to learn. & im the last one to come.

i have meet the teacher to give me a form for applying L license for a learner like me
( oh yeah! i don't have any basic car knowledge where it show that i have zero basic) the teacher think that i will learn for a long time because i don't have a basic at all. & i pay $135 for the class season plus with book (car knowledge book & question for my theory exam)

I need to come to theory class 3 time before i can take an exam, this is where this country rule. So i just need to follow. If i can get a nice score for my theory class then i can proceed to practical class, but if i cannot score my theory class then i need to repeated back my exam! (of course i pray that i can scored the class) plsssssss... hihi

in the class ,we have been showed with the video where people driving & show the right way. Oh i wish i can learn faster because it make me more nervous to wait.

My class ended at 9.30 pm,its already a bit late when my driver need to wait me for 2 hour( 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm). Pitty of my driver. But thanks anyway because wait me outside the school until i finish my class.

Ended my writing here! i need to go for 2 more class! excited to wait!! thank you



TOTAL IS RM8401.96(3 PAX)

Casio Ex ZR1100 Yellow Colour

hi guys!

today is my happiest day! i just received my Casio Ex ZR1100 where i imported it from HONG KONG!it make me wait for 1 week to received it at my place! it cost me RM829 from citiwide technologies Ltd. The tax duties cost me USD70 approximite RM250 (Tax duties already total up inside RM829 that i pay). Its mean camera price is RM579. Its cheap compare buying at Malaysia right??? haha! It also include with 1 Year warranty plus free memory card (8GB) + camera pouch from citiwide.
yaya! But i only can afford this "cheap" camera for my self, since i will start my travel from this year! of course i want to keep my beautiful life for a memory to remember.

They using Tollgroup Malaysia to send my camera from HONG KONG to Malaysia & since East Malaysia do not have Tollgroup Courier, arrive Kuala Lumpur it change to skynet! & it take a long long long time to arrive.Patient patient to wait!haha but at last! i received it!

This is my first camera with my own money! yes i like yellow thing from now on!hehe
here is my lovely camera!