Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Rice Water Bright TheFaceshop

Hye all~it time go shopping~ (it is my way to release tension when im busy wif my study all weekday) ..bcos of my busy life as a student,i don really have much time to clean my face is bcos im using several makeup going to class + the hot wheather condition at Kuching make my skin become dry,pimple pop out at my face and dullness.The reason im going out to shop is to find a skincare dat suitable wif my face + good in term of clean my face from makeup.The shop that i want to go to find a skincare product for today is TheFaceShop.Here some review for skincare product dat i have been try from thefaceshop.TheFaceshop is originally from korean is a nature skin care.i have try the RICE WATER BRIGHT cleansing special set.It is a natural brightening solution with rice water.I get rice water bright travel kit for free bcos i have buying TheFaceshop product wit the higher budget.


The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam is rich, fine and delicate, watery and hydrating. It mildly cleanses the face while replenishing skin with moisture and nutrients promptly to protect against environmental assaults. With unique dual cleansing effect, it thoroughly removes make-up residue and impurities inside pores. It reconstructs the skin’s balance system. The Rice Water Bright cleansing foam contains 7 kinds of grain extract (e.g. rice, brown rice, black rice, rice bran……). It is extremely gentle…

First step: use Rice water bright lip n eye remover,where it clean eyeliner and lipstick~

it is nice to use it,bcos it is completely clean my eyeliner without drying out my skin~^^

 Second step : Use a Rice water bright rice cleansing water.It is gently remove make up from face while softening the skin~

Last step : Clean face wit Rice water bright cleansing foam.This whipped cream deep cleansing foam clarifies and brightens skin without dehydration.
I will buying this product again bcos it suit my face bcos it not make my face dry compare to other makeup remover dat make face easily dry + hot wheather now days will result to dullness.
Have a nice try wit dis product~u will satisy wit it as i'am~

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  1. love this review, it also help me out to buy some new skin care products from faceshop!
    Good luck! and post more things <3

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