Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Herbaline Facial Treatment

Hello guys!
Long time not updating my blog~it is because im in holiday mood. Im travelling to Kuala Lumpur for 3days 2night.Yet! it satisfy me !During the holiday, Me & my friend planning to go to make some facial from Herbaline. Actually this is my first time ever going to make an facial. Im the one who not really care about my face, yes! my face is worst. Im a combination skin type.
On Monday we are going to Herbaline at wellness hotel. We just walk in to the facial shop without make an appointment.
The Mines
Mines Wellness Hotel (Lobby), Jalan Dulang, Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor D.E.

First enterint the Herbaline shop, we has been assist by Herbaline assistance. They asking me what treatment i need?? Yes! i dont know! hahaha. i just ask the assistance to suggest me with their treatment. Since this is my first time, they suggest me to make SIGNATURE TREATMENT that only cost rm38 and BUTTERFLY THREADING TREATMENT that cost rm59. Its worth it. Not really expensive for the first timer like me.

First, the assistance has bring us to make a natural sea salt foot spa. This is where, we need to enter our foot into the warm water that has been provided by them to us. It is where the natural sea salt foot spa will help us remove dead skin. We can wash our feet use the warm water and sea salt for 5 minute i guess?? i really cant remember time well. After finish wash our foot, they bring us to make a butterfly threading treatment. This facial threading treatment will reduce acne on the epidermal layer, remove facial hair, shrink pores and tone the face. It also make my face felling so smooth and tender.

After finishing butterfly threading treatment, the assistance bring us to smell the plant aroma for three time. It is to make us feel relax before starting our second treatment which is signature treatment. The assistance bring us to the second floor of the shop to continues our signature treatment.Here, we need to change our cloth with using the cloth that they provide.

The treatment that they choose for me is face moisturizing and hydrating treatment. First, they wash my face with their cleanser. Im not sure what cleanser they use for me? haha! after the cleanser, they use machine to  remove my blackhead and whitehead using Ultra Sonic Dead Cell Removal. After the removal, they massage my face, yes i like the way they massage me, It make me feel comfortable with it, it make me feel calm and more relax. They also put a mask at my face. The mask has been called Nano Bio-Cellulose mask treatment. It make my face feel so cool. During the mask session, they also make a shoulder massage. Lastly, they wash my face with the cleanser.

After finish all the treatment, Yes! of course they promote their product, i only choose to buy three of their product which is Purifying Milky Lotion (cleanser). This cleanser no need to wet face before use. Squeeze some lotion onto fingers and massage evenly to nose tip, forehead and cheeks, especially oily areas. Wet hands to rub face evenly until lotion emulsifies. I also buy Aloe-Vera gel. This is enable the skin to absorb the gel within the fastest time with 4 effects , i.e. maintains skin moisture, repairs, renews and promotes anti-allergy effects. The last product i choose is the sunscreen product. Yes, my skin is easily burn when out to the hot place.

I satisfy with the service. My rating is 4 star?? How about u?? did u gonna try it?? Me?? i will try it again next time. Thank You Herbaline! & Thank You to my friend too because bring me here! Like it!