Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Contact Lens ❤❤

hye guys~^_^ i'am currently busy with my internship program. today is my First week for my internship program~focusing to work~facing my lappy almost 24/7 ~its result to = dim 

now i have 4 eyes ~ :'(
make me uncomfortable using it
its really become a burden to me~

This have become my friend~will being with me where ever i go
my power range : right -1.75D
    left -1.55D
after few month using dis~its make me feel lazy to bring it everywhere~then i think,i need to use contact lens to make me easy bring it everywhere~
i'm going to optical shop n buying contact lens that promote by my friend~

FreshKon® A55 monthly disposable lenses.
inside have 3 pair of lens.its contain 55% water,
diameter for this lens is 14.4mm not to big for my eyes because b4 this im using 16mm lens ,first time im using it for my left eyes,,its hard to use it,,because i have a smokey n small eyes~base curve for this lens is 8.7mm
its take almost 1 hour to do it,,because its really soft and smooth~ :'( but after using it so many time,,its taken few minute to use it~ ^_^ 

 but the worst is,,the salesgirl give me the lower power range it is -1.25D it is really different with my original power range that make my eyesight not really clear,
when using contact lens~i also need to choose the right multipurpose solution ~it is important for safety of my eyes~im using :
 renu® fresh™ multipurpose solution provides a cushion of moisture for your contact lens wear.
 for the first time user~u can see renu webpages Inserting & removing contact lens .

there also teach u how to care & cleaning your lens~

next time i want to try another contact lens that are nice to use,more important thing is safety n healthy contact lens~friend free to promote me ya~^^
 see you in the next topic~^^


  1. I have a lot of problems to find good contact lenses for working on the computer... I'm glad you found a good pair, it's so important!

  2. I don't really like using contact lenses but for people who uses it should really know how to properly take care of it