Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The moment that i wait is come !

Today i'm gonna back to my hometown after finishing my final exam. Holiday is start from now.This is the day that i always waiting for.Back to my hometown to meet my lovely family.I love Today! Today i'm just wearing a simple outfit.

This shirt is not really expensive. If i'm not mistaken it only cost me around 
RM 39.00. Cheap right?? I also use hair accessories. Hair ribbon? Its just simple. No design at all.Black Color.

Add on -> im using beige jeans. It cost around RM 60. Oh gosh ! im look fat using this jeans. But the truth,yea i'am fat and short.Sometime i'am think, what outfit that will make me look slim?? arggh ! no idea at all.

Just now i'am just think that, as long it comfortable with me.I think its okay~
about my body?? i think about it later. Im trying to working out, maybe??diet??

What do you think??what should i do??


1 comment:

  1. This is a great outfit and you are beautiful!! Don't be so harsh on yourself :)

    <3 CC