Friday, 4 January 2013

This New year is it will lead me to new me??

Today just a few days after New Year.New Year really drive me crazy.To many thing in my mind.I want to change,i want to become new person,more confident with my life and so on...
My mind is messed up right now. is it true that i will change because of what i'am thinking now?What will happens to me this year?What will i gonna through this year?Is it will be good or worst??I think time really go fast now.Because today is already 4th January but i think yesterday is 1st January. Can i hold the time?
Can i fulfilled my wish this year??in a short time?Can i become a more better person?

The truth in my heart now....can i accept this challenge?can i overcome barriers in my life?? can i face it by myself??
i hope i can have more strong spirit to accept this challenge.
I really want to achieve something new , step my game up and will not easily give up with something that i'am gonna achieve this year.I hope so..I need a pray, a pray from myself, family, friend and from my all follower.
Im need a support from you all because naturally i'am an introverted person, i'am scared something worst will happen to me when i'am change. I'am scared to try a new thing, shortly i'am NOT CONFIDENT with myself.
How can i throw this feeling?? i hope it easy with just throwing my feeling into the dustbin just like this:

Easy right?
can i do this?

I hope all of us will start new life with a confident life, happiness and your future become more bright.
Hope it will happen to me too.


BebeLovely Sweetie

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  1. Hi Bebe! :) Being an introverted person is not bad, and I think it's great that you're trying to reach out to the world through your blog.

    Try not to have so many doubts about yourself! You'll be great and you'll have an awesome year! Try to be positive! Think like this: if you decide to do something, put all your effort into it, and tell yourself that you won't accept failiure, and don't stop saying that until you reach that goal!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!