Sunday, 6 January 2013

I'am in Love with Nail Art ♥♥♥

Nail Art, Nail Art...
Do you love Nail Art?
Are u expert in doing it??
me??i cannot do it nicely..
But i'am really in love with Nail Art.
there are so many nice & cute design.

Christmas Nail Art..cute right?do you know how to create this design?

The purpose of doing nail art is the same reason why anyone would wear any earring (piercing), tattoos, henna, makeup, stylish hats and clothes, hair do and jewelry accessories...It's to STAND out..

Glow in The Dark Nail Art..did u already try it?i still not yet found this kind of nail art at the shopping complex. Did you?? Such a nice nail art. 
Nail Art is a beautification of the nail with patterns , paintings or other decorative motifs.

Simple nail art but its colorful...Green, Orange, Yellow, Pink & Red..Good combination of color.

 Nail Art is also a creative activity that draws pictures or design fingernails. It is a type of art. These days fingernails and toenails are seen by some as important point of beauty.

Toenail Arts

 Nail Art now is become an important fashion for a girl...
Same goes to me to...
I love all nail art design..
beautification for yourself~^^

♥ BebeLovely Sweetie♥

Hugs !

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