Thursday, 3 January 2013

Final Exam First Paper !

Hello All, Today i just wanna share wat happen this all day, I still not yet sleep since yesterday because busy study for today morning exam.. My first paper for this Final Exam is CSC413 (Introduction to Interactive Multimedia). Since early of this semester, i really cannot cope with this subject.May be i not really like this subject since i need to remember so many thing about multimedia. This is not my ability to remember all of this thing ! because of this... This Morning... my first paper killing me softly.. guess wat?? i really cannot answer the paper ! im just a bit disappointing with today final exam..
Im really sad because of today paper. But i still cannot give up.. because i still have four paper more to be sit for. I hope i can do better for this four paper because i donnot want my parent feel dissapointed because of me. I need to cheer myself with posting at my blog today..because i have u all to be by my side. i know u all will support me right?? hahaha.. is it true?? or only me just think bout it?? hahaha,,nehhh jus kidding.. xoxo ♥♥♥

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