Thursday, 28 March 2013

Any tips for breakage hair??

Hello guys!

Long time not updating my blog.Im just coming back to my campus life early in March. Its hard for me to updating my blos since my rent house internet network is really crap! Damn Slow!! Here i want to ask all my friend blogger about how to solve my problem. My problem is Breakage hair! It really make me stress how to solve my problem than. Actually i dont want to cut my hair. I want to keep it long, can i?? Anyone have a tips for me??

i have straightener my hair for the past few week & my hair is colored for past 6 month i think if im not mistaken.

Im using Shampoo from pantene & Serum from Kerastae.

 I hope to get few tips from all my blogger friend! Thank You!


  1. Try to use a good deep conditioning. L'oreal has great deep conditioners. Leave it on your hair for about 30 mins and wash it off. Let your hair air dry. Do not flat iron!

    xox, cheri

  2. hye cherine. thanks for your tips! will try it ~ :)


  3. I agree with Cherina! I personally have really dry hair which is bleached and prone to breakage and my hair never feels better than when I have a good trim! If you don't want to sacrifice the inches then try not using heat on the ends of your hair for a while as well as the deep conditioning treatment, you will notice a big difference!

  4. Thank you my dear Hannah for ur tips too~ yah,its hard for me to sacrifice the inches of my hair, because my hair growth slowly, waiting it become long, need to wait almost 1 @ 2 years, =.=

  5. The deep conditioning is a great tip and I would get a hair mask that you can apply once a week. Also, getting a trim would probably help and just an inch or so, don't worry it will still be long. Also, take a look at your diet. It will be a few months but eating more foods like salmon and walnuts should also help.

  6. Caroline : hair mask & treatment cream is the same thing?? now i already get a trimm, my hair long till shoulder :-(, for salmon : need to cook?? :P


    I think this is a pretty good idea!
    Hope it helps :)
    xo jess

  8. Thank for the video my dear!

    Its really help me!