Monday, 21 January 2013

Thailand Rice Shop !

Beauty is one of the important aspects for women. Each woman will not necessarily run to discuss beauty and skin care means perfect. Here the BebeLovely Sweetie want to share nutritious rice soap, was understood to be able to give effective results on the skin and indirectly able to overcome skin problems experienced by some women.

In addition, rice soap also learned contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, sodium hydroxide solution, young rice milk, wheat, glycerine, vitamin C, vitamin E and AHA. This proves that rice soap is safe to use and is free of chemicals that may have side effects on the skin.

Here are some of nutrition rice soap you need to know: 
Tight,Soften And Brighten Skin 
Rice soap is said to be tight, soften and brighten the skin. This proves that, rice soap is suitable for women who are aged to maintain skin firmness and softness of the skin.Removes Dirt, Oil, And Dead Skin Cells.Rice soap understood capable of treating dead skin cells and indirectly able to remove dirt and oil on the skin. For women who suffer from oily skin, you can use this rice soap to control excess oil production in the face. 

Fade, Eliminate Acne and Skin pigmentation

Soap Rice also said to be able to fade and eliminate the effects of acne and acne scars on the skin. This shows that women who suffer from acne-prone skin can try this soap to prevent the formation of acne on the face. 

Removing Makeup Effects

Rice soap can be used as material for removing make-up on face. With this, you do not have to waste money to buy make up remover every month. By using only rice soap, you are able to remove make up properly on the face.

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