Monday, 16 March 2015

Casio Ex ZR1100 Yellow Colour

hi guys!

today is my happiest day! i just received my Casio Ex ZR1100 where i imported it from HONG KONG!it make me wait for 1 week to received it at my place! it cost me RM829 from citiwide technologies Ltd. The tax duties cost me USD70 approximite RM250 (Tax duties already total up inside RM829 that i pay). Its mean camera price is RM579. Its cheap compare buying at Malaysia right??? haha! It also include with 1 Year warranty plus free memory card (8GB) + camera pouch from citiwide.
yaya! But i only can afford this "cheap" camera for my self, since i will start my travel from this year! of course i want to keep my beautiful life for a memory to remember.

They using Tollgroup Malaysia to send my camera from HONG KONG to Malaysia & since East Malaysia do not have Tollgroup Courier, arrive Kuala Lumpur it change to skynet! & it take a long long long time to arrive.Patient patient to wait!haha but at last! i received it!

This is my first camera with my own money! yes i like yellow thing from now on!hehe
here is my lovely camera!

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