Monday, 16 March 2015

Theory class (Car Liscene)


Yesterday night is my 1st day theory class. What i feel?? Excited,Nervous? All in 1. Since i dont have friend here, i feel a bit shy? oh yeah! of course you know what i feel right? (for a first timer) haha

I meet someone outside the school,where i can ask her where should i go? since i don't know where is the class. yeah! thank you for your helped! i already found my class & guess what? the class already full with student to learn. & im the last one to come.

i have meet the teacher to give me a form for applying L license for a learner like me
( oh yeah! i don't have any basic car knowledge where it show that i have zero basic) the teacher think that i will learn for a long time because i don't have a basic at all. & i pay $135 for the class season plus with book (car knowledge book & question for my theory exam)

I need to come to theory class 3 time before i can take an exam, this is where this country rule. So i just need to follow. If i can get a nice score for my theory class then i can proceed to practical class, but if i cannot score my theory class then i need to repeated back my exam! (of course i pray that i can scored the class) plsssssss... hihi

in the class ,we have been showed with the video where people driving & show the right way. Oh i wish i can learn faster because it make me more nervous to wait.

My class ended at 9.30 pm,its already a bit late when my driver need to wait me for 2 hour( 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm). Pitty of my driver. But thanks anyway because wait me outside the school until i finish my class.

Ended my writing here! i need to go for 2 more class! excited to wait!! thank you

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