Monday, 16 March 2015

My Life Unpredictable!


How Are my reader days??i hope everything ok. Here im starting my new blog where it show my about my unpredictable life.After a long time not writing in my blog, actually, this is a new blog that i have created for my new life 2015! How about your new year started???
Here is my wishlist for 2015:

1st : Get a car liscene- start my theory class tommorow on 19.january.2015.
2nd : Treat my hair - Last year i have a terrible hair loss!!! my hair already become so thin :'( ! how i need to cure my HAIR FALL??need do some research about hair fall. But i juat cut my hair last day, because i scared that i will become BOLD.
3rd : Whitening skin - oh!! since im working at my present company, my skin/face become darker, because everyday i working outside with a high tempreture without skin protection (since im lazy to use sunblock because it will make my skin popout some pimple).
4th : Travel - what i wish for this year is travel with my lovely little sister & my parent. My next destination is Seoul. Will be there on April for 5D 4N. Here i come!
5th : Car - Buy a new car. Im targeting for Yellow Hyundai Volestor.But it expensive! It cost me for RM130000 ++ , where can i get the money from??? ( waiting for the money fall from the sky)
6th : Lose Weight - yeaahhh! i need to lose weight! since im overweight!! im short but fat!! i really need to change my food, & need more exercise. If i can? i will start my HIIT program from wayofgray.
7th : Camera - buy a new camera to picture my everyday life.
8th : Money - Save more money for travel, emergency cost, etc..

HAHA! to many wishlist, if i can achieve all in one year? because my life is unpredictable. Im still working at my company after 1 year, eventhough i want to quit! But i really need a backup job before quiting my present job. hmm! to many to think, to many to wish, i wish i wish i wish for a miracle!!!
pray for me for more a better life for this new year!xoxo

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