Thursday, 15 August 2013

Start A Real Life !!!

Hello guys!
Long time not updating my blog. I'm kinda busy since finishing my study on 14.07.2013. now im officially become an unemployed person! Yes, i know it is a start in my life, Yes, now i just born & learning to become a real person. From now on, my life will be change. So many thing that i need to be through. So many thing to be think. What im gonna do after this? continue my study?? neeehhh! i will not. im officially become a jobseeker person (jobless). haha! since in lack in everything, still need to learn from below, do not have any experiance, percentage to get a job is 30%? maybe, i think, since nowadays, it hard to find a job without experiance! yes its hard!! now im just doing some part time job at mobile shop. yes, i cnt get any nice experiance because just working at place like that. im stressful in finding a job, waiting, waiting, waiting everyday in other to find a nice job. Yes! im someone who cannot stay at home jobless, i like to fulfill my free time with work & find my own money. This is true, i like to spend my own money compare to get money @ ask money from others. Maybe, i like to live with my own sweat (money). Life is difficult, there is no shortcut, we need to go into a long road for a long term @ short term (if lucky) to get a better life. Oh yes! my result just coming out on 3.August.2013. I would like to share my result with you guys. Its not very excellent, but i like to share my happiness since i already graduate (eventhough the official graduation will be held on December 2013). Here it is :

I think, thats all for today, need more rest, for coming "special" day tomorrow (working after 1week holiday celebrating hari raya aidilfitri)
good night!

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