Monday, 31 December 2012

New Day, New Life, New Year !!!

Hello All reader ! 
How was ur first day on new year 2013??

Today should be have a nice plan rite??
But me??
jus stay at home...
no where to go + lazy to going out,,
since today is my last day at my hometown, i think it should be good if im jus resting at home.
while i'am have a rest n play wif my nephew,
there has a Tv News (TV3) shows countdown at Dubai last night..
Such a nice scenery :

Nice Rite??
I wish i can go to Dubai to watch dis Building Burj khalifa.
I like to go travel...
i cnt go,,
im not i don have any income to go Travel..
Wait few more year...
i will go !! :-)

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